What are the Consequences of Too Much Screen Time?


A study from the University of Michigan indicated too much screen time for adults and kids alike has significant impacts. According to the study, the more parents were on their devices, the more reports were for kids to be more hyper, whiney, irritable and grumpy. 

Other health effects from too much screen time are:

  • Vision/eye health
  • Mental health and depression
  • Cardiovascular health
  • Neck/back and other muscular/skeletal problems.
  • Brain development/ learning problems
  • Attention issues
  • Sleep problems

How to protect a family from the negative effects of technology:

  • Limit screen time for everyone
  • No phones at the dinner table
  • Pick activities that have nothing to do with tech. (ex. Game night).
  • Get outside
  • If have a hard time ignoring the dings put on airplane mode for a period of time

Technology has a lot of positive attributes when use is balanced. Where problems occur is when it begins to consume one’s life.

Parenting Challenge: Check to see what your family’s screen time actually is. If it is high, make plans to reduce it.

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