Parosmia: Lingering Scent-sations


Florida woman suffers rare condition that leaves odors "stuck in her head."

(SNN) Alyssa Mandel has to avoid a lot of places, but in the kitchen, she’s usually okay. 

“I had just started my new job, and at the job, they were having some construction done on campus,” Mandel said. “When I started smelling gasoline and diesel, I just chalked it up to that, but then I noticed the smell followed me everywhere.”

It didn’t leave her, so she saw a few doctors and discovered she has Parosmia.

Roskamp Institute Clinical Medical Director, Dr. Andrew Keegan, says the condition can be frustrating. 

“Someone may think they’re gonna smell a flower, but it smells like something else,” Dr. Keegan said. “You’re getting false information, and it can be tremendously aggravating for them.”

Mandel smells scents that aren’t there. Depending on the day, she sometimes can’t smell at all.

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