WATCH: Rattlesnake Swims, Catches Ride on Boat

A Tennessee family vacationing on a North Carolina lake got an uninvited visitor on their boat… That caused a huge uproar.

Screams erupted on Lake Fontana in western North Carolina earlier this month when the family spotted the snake darting toward their boat.

While his 14-year-old daughter kept an eye and a cellphone camera on the snake on the lake… Wayne Robbins was preparing to whack the slithering reptile if it actually boarded the boat.

There are only five children making all of this noise but it was enough for the rattlesnake to know it was not welcomed.

The snake had second thoughts and swam off away from its unlikely hosts but we’re not sure who was in more danger the snake or the boaters.

Timber rattlesnakes are venomous, can grow up to four feet long, and can be found throughout North Carolina.  

Their bites are worse than those of copperheads and cottonmouths and should be considered extremely dangerous.

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