NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA– So many from Lake Charles left their city with just the clothing on their backs. Naturally, there is a need to wash them. Melba’s Poboys and Wash World joined with a the non profit: We Can Help, to help wash away some of the stain of Hurricane Laura, by offering free use of their washers and dryers. A kind gesture and warm heart can go a long way. New Orleans has had their share of storms and knows the bitterness of a hurricane’s wrath. It’s a unique opportunity for Hurricane Katrina’s survivors to help Hurricane Laura’s.

Over 10,000 Lake Charles Residents evacuated including Ronnie Hendricks who says, “It’s been pretty rough. We’ve been on the road the road from Lake Charles to Mobile Alabama, trying to keep our kids safe.”

Ashley Fuselier says, “I lost my cousin, while we were evacuating. We are going through a lot. I lost my home and now my cousin is dead.”

Gina Allen is the Chief Operating Officer of We Can Help and says, “we have these residents from Lake Charles and it’s time for us to pay it forward from what we went through.”

Peaches Guss is an employee at Melbas and is helping Lake Charles residents wash their clothes and says, “we also have books for the kids to read & take, as well as pages for them to color and ice cream cones! I know how it goes because of my experience with Katrina in New Orleans. We are trying
give back because anything helps.”

Both Melbas and We Can Help are in need of strollers, chairs and clothing, along with donations of laundry detergent. If you are your family have evacuated and need help, you can call: 504-435-9919