Car-sized yellow jacket ‘super nests’ found in Alabama

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Experts are warning people to watch out for yellow jacket "super nests," which can be as big as a car & house up to 18K insects

This is definitely something you don’t want to go near!

Alabama authorities are warning people to watch for perennial yellow jacket nests also known as “super nests.”

A super nest is a yellow jacket colony that survives winter and makes it to a second year.

They can grow to be huge — as large as a Volkswagen beetle, experts say, containing as many as 18,000 insects.

Experts say warmer winters and abundant food sources are to thank for the existence of super nests.

Usually, only one or two are spotted each year.

But this year, experts in Alabama have already found four.

If you see one, you need to contact experts and never disturb the nest itself.

Removal is a task best left to licensed commercial pest control operators.

Yellow jackets are extremely aggressive and can sting repeatedly, they are responsible for most stinging deaths in the u-s.

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