Video Shows Albuquerque Police Detective Running Down Suspect


Danan Gabaldon was not afraid to run from the cops.

On Memorial Day, he took off in what police say was a stolen suv and Gabaldon got away.

Ten days later, a band of APD detectives tracked him to this southwest Albuquerque intersection.

From the get-go, shots were fired by an officer.

But it seemed for a moment, that cooler heads would prevail.

Detectives tased Gabaldon and fired bean bags at him.

But gabaldon ran again.

That is until police ran him down.

This is eyewitness video given to the police.

And this is video from behind the wheel, as an APD detective who arrived on scene just moments earlier jumped back into his unmarked pickup truck closed the distance to Gabaldon in six seconds, cranked the wheel to the right, Drove up onto the curb and into Gabaldon.

An APD spokeswoman told News 13 it was an accident.

And that the detective, who pulled hard right on the wheel before he reached Gabaldon, was not trying to run him down but cut him off.

The detective gets out of the truck and runs to Gabaldon.

He’s unarmed On the ground, being tased on the back of the head and then struck with the butt of the taser and then elbowed.

The officer even accidentally tases the detective.

APD’s spokeswoman says Gabaldon was resisting and that the department’s use-of-force policy speaks for itself.

That policy says “officers shall use only that force which is reasonably necessary” and says officers shouldn’t expect suspects to comply while being tased.

As officers slap cuffs on Gabaldon, the witness is still shooting video.

Gabaldon and his lengthy criminal history are now in jail.

He’s charged with crimes from the Memorial day incident but not the day he was hit.

APD, which refused to release this video for four months, says the case is going to internal affairs.

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