Video: Bald eagle crashes into windshield of 18-wheeler on Connecticut highway


(WWLP) – A bald eagle scavenging for food along Route 95 in Connecticut was nearly killed when it collided full force with the windshield of an 18-wheel tractor-trailer on Wednesday. 

Connecticut State Police were called after the bald eagle crashed, and according to police, both the driver and bird were not injured. The unharmed driver, identified as Scott Burke, told police it happened so fast and that it was one of the scariest things he’s encountered in 25 years as a truck driver. 

Video obtained from the truck’s dashboard shows the bird fly onto the roadway in an attempt to capture her prey. She was scared off by blaring horns from a car approaching as her feet touched the pavement in the center lane, causing her to crash into the truck’s windshield, shattering it completely. 

PHOTOS: Bald Eagle crashed into windshield

The truck driver said he saw her out of the corner of his eye, but there was no way he could have avoided the incident, which happened in seconds. He immediately called State Police. 

The eagle was able to hang on to the side of the truck until it came to a complete stop about 1000 feet away from the collision point. It dropped to the road and scooted underneath the truck. 

State Police arrived and closed down that section of the highway until Environmental Police could safely rescue the eagle. The bald eagle was taken to A Place Called Hope, where she was examined.  

“She was strong, but still stunned so we hurried her along to a dark and quiet space so she could gather her wits,” A Place Called Hope said in a Facebook post. X-rays were done at an area animal hospital, where they confirmed that there were no fractures. The X-ray did show that the eagle had been shot in the past.  

Wildlife professionals determined that the bird had internal bleeding due to the force of impact, the bird also had blood inside her mouth and trachea. 

“So far, she is doing well, even eating and she has been cleared to be moved to an aviary space to finish out her recovery process,” A Place Called Hope stated. 

With nesting season approaching, they hope she makes a fast recovery so she can return to her mate and continue with her life journey. 

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