High schoolers can now get a lettermans jacket in video games!

E-sports is growing into a varsity sport at schools with the potential for college scholarships.

Yohan Schwartz is like the star quarterback of e-sports !!

Defeating hundreds of other high schoolers in the fall majors championship.

Johan Schwartz says, “We’re not weightlifting or running suicides, we’re constantly here training at computers… Hand-eye coordination, strategies.”

Competitive video gaming is a new varsity sport at Bradford Prep in Charlotte, North Carolina…

Tom Richardson says, “It’s a lot more than just kids playing video games, esports is actually a sports league.”

A league that now includes hundreds of schools across the country.

Richardson says, “As long as they have an internet connection, they’re able to be a part.”

And it’s already having an impact.

Kelly Painter says, “Definitely seen school spirit, younger students look up to students on esports team.”

Players have to stay out of trouble and keep their grades up to participate

Johan Schwartz says, “It’s made me a lot more involved in school, taking school a lot more seriously”

Now, Johan is mentoring the next class of e-sports players.

As Johan shows me how to take out opponents in Fortnite.

He says his success is thanks, in part, to parental support.

Johan Schwartz says, “I started playing competitively and my parents started to see what this gaming industry really was and where it could take us.”

A potential pathway to higher education.

Tom Richardson says, “So many colleges calling about scholarships and different opportunities…”

Or even, a job in the 43-billion dollar video game industry.

Johan Schwartz says, “Which is a lot of money!”

And Johan says he wants a piece of that e-sports pie.

Johan Schwartz says, “I would like to get a pretty decent slice!”

To learn more about starting a team head to highschoolesportsleague.com.