US Teen Trends with Belinda


Latest trends for our teens by US Dept of Ed, CEC National Youth Risk Behavior Survey and US Dept of Health and Human Services (2012-2013).
– Drinking/ smoking is down and there are fewer pregnancies.  Cannot eliminate all risk but seeing overall positive trends in all areas.
– Bullying is down by 22% ages 12-18.  In 2013 6.9% reported being victim to cyper bullying compared to 9% in 2011.
– Smoking is down to 15.7% of teens which is lowest since survey started in 1991.  
– Widespread health initiatives, changing social norms
– However E-cigs use tripled among MS and HS kids in 1 year. 
– Drinking is down however still high at 35%.  
– Binge drinking is still a concern among HS kids and those in college. 
– 18% teens using prescription drug without the prescription 
        -Oxycontin, Hydrocodone
– National teen pregnancy rates at a record low, have seen a continuous decrease in the last 20 yrs- 10% drop between 2012-2013.
        – Appears teens less sexually active
        – If active using birth control/condoms
        – More sex ed in schools
        – 41% of teens engage in this behavior which is worrisome.
– Less physical fighting in schools overall.  

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