An urban farm in Amarillo is continuing to grow to help the San Jacinto community.

For the last several months, Square Mile Community Development and Nuke City Veg have been preparing and planting a farm right off of 6th Street.

They work daily on their crops, and they are starting to grow.

“Radishes, mustard greens, spring mix, Swiss chard, carrots, cilantro, dill, and basil,” said Danny Melius, with Nuke City Veg.

Brady Clark, the Executive Director of Square Mile Community Development says San Jacinto is the perfect place to be growing fresh food.

“San Jacinto is a USDA food desert, which means that there is no grocery store, no access to fresh food within a mile to two miles. The population is low income, a high percentage of poverty and a high percentage of people who don’t have access to transportation,” said Clark.

Clark and Melius tell us the community has responded in such a positive way.

“We’ve had people just come and offer and show up to weed and take care of things. We’ve had folks bring water and ice during work days that we don’t even know. We’ve had local businesses show up and donate plumbing and soil,” added Clark.

Along with the community support, they are still looking for more donations and volunteers to help with the progress.

“We could really use some more secure fence, we are going to need to get electrical out here for some power. Maintenance for weed eating and harvesting and stuff like that,” said Melius.

Square Mile Community says they are also looking for a truck if a company is willing to donate one.

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