LUBBOCK — Lubbock Police were called out Sunday evening to an apartment complex on the northwest side and discovered what appeared to be the murder of a 4-year-old girl.

The incident was reported sometime after 7:30 pm in the 500 block of Slide Road at The Landing at Pinewood Park (formally known as the Waterford Place Apartments).

“Police received a call from a resident saying she thought she saw blood on a unit’s window,” said Captain Roy Bassett. 

Officers forced their way into the apartment where the body of the child was discovered.

“Around that same time, police received a call of a naked man running near 8th and Bangor [Avenue],” Bassett said. 

Police asked the man for his address which matched the address of the apartment where the child was found dead. 

“Officers brought him in for questioning,” Bassett said. Police did yet not release names, and they also did not say if a weapon was used to kill the girl.

Early Monday morning, Justin Michael Chisum, 29, was booked into the Lubbock County Jail. He is charged with murder. It’s not clear what Chisum’s relationship to the victim was. 

Click on the attached video to hear details of the incident from Captain Roy Bassett with the Lubbock Police Department.

LUBBOCK, TX (PRESS RELEASE) — On February 1, 2015 at approximately 7:39 p.m., the Lubbock Police Department received a 911 call reporting the possible death of a child. A resident at The Landing at Pinewood Park, 502 Slide Rd., reported she believed a man had killed a child in apartment #1801.

Officers responded to the scene and observed what they believed to be blood on the window of that apartment. Officers forced entry into the apartment on the belief that someone in the apartment was in immediate danger. Officers found the body of four year old Kylee Forrest. Forrest appeared to have been the victim of a violent attack and was deceased at the scene. The appearance of the apartment suggested a very violent incident.

At approximately the same time that this call was going out, residents in the area of 8th and Bangor reported a nude man walking in the neighborhood. Officers responding to that scene discovered Justin Michael Chisum, W/M, 06/12/1985, nude in a public place. Officers took Chisum into custody and began trying to determine the circumstances for him being in that area in that condition.

At that time, Chisum made a statement that lead officers to believe he was involved in the murder of Kylee.

Investigators and Crime Scene officers worked well into the night processing the crime scene and questioning Chisum. With the assistance of the Lubbock District Attorney’s office, an arrest warrant was obtained. Chisum was arrested for murder and is being held at the Lubbock Detention Center on a $1,000,000 bond.

The investigation is ongoing. The Lubbock Police Department extends its sympathy to the family of Kylee Forrest.

(Press release from Lubbock Police) 
LUBBOCK, TX — Justin Michael Chisum, 29, of Lubbock confessed to the murder of his 4-year-old daughter, Kylee Forrest, according to an arrest warrant released Monday morning in court records. Police were called to the Landing at Pinewood Park Apartments near 4th Street and Slide Road just after 7:30 pm Sunday. 

A woman called 911 to report “she believed a man had killed a baby.”

The woman noticed a vehicle belonging to Chisum in the apartment parking lot with the trunk lid open. She closed the trunk and then went to his apartment to let him know. But when she looked, there was blood in the window of the apartment and she looked inside. 

According to the arrest warrant, she “observed a small child laying in the living room of the suspected party’s apartment.” 

Police said Sunday night that a suspect was found naked near 8th Street and Bangor Avenue. The warrant said he was found naked by uniformed officers and taken into custody.

The warrant said, “Suspected party admitted to uniform officers that he killed his daughter.”

According to family law court records in 2011, Chisum did not have custody of his daughter. He had picked the girl up from another family member on January 31 at about 2:30 pm to take her to church. The other family member “had not heard from suspected party since he picked her up.” 

The 2011 family law case outlined court-ordered visitation in general terms, so it was possible Chisum had the right to take her for the weekend.  The arrest warrant did not specify the issue of visitation. 

The warrant did not say specifically how Chisum was accused of killing the girl but did say it involved blunt force trauma. It does not mention a weapon or other such details. 

The arrest warrant accused Chisum of murder. The original police report filed Sunday listed the case as capital murder. Chisum can get out of jail if he can post a $1,000,000 bond. 

* Updated to include information about blunt force trauma. 
The family of Kylee Forrest, 4, set up a fund in her name Monday at any Lubbock-area branch of People’s Bank. Police arrested Kylee’s dad, Justin Michael Chisum, 29, on a murder charge just hours after she was found dead in an apartment near 4th Street and Slide Road. 

The fund will be used to offset funeral expenses for the little girl.   

A man identifying himself as Kylee’s grandfather, Orlando Romo, said on Facebook, “She was like a baby… innocent.” 

Romo also said on Facebook, “He picked her up and said he was taking her to church. The Devil comes to steal, kill, and destroy. I can’t imagine how afraid she must have been.”

Romo also started a fund on

Chisum at last check was held in the Lubbock County Detention Center in lieu of a $1,000,000 bond. 

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LUBBOCK, TX – Lubbock Police on Monday released portions of 911 audio related to the murder of Kylee Forrest, 4. 

In one call a woman in the 500 block of Slide Road is heard telling a dispatcher that she thinks a man has killed a child. In the others, neighbors in the general area of 8th Street and Bangor Avenue described a naked man walking the neighborhood. The calls were placed to 911 Sunday evening. 

Police arrested Kylee’s dad, Justin Michael Chisum, 29, early Monday morning. He was charged with murder and police said a capital murder charge could be possible. 

Click the video link above to hear the 911 audio released by police on Monday. 
LUBBOCK, TX — The family of Kylee Forrest, 4, spoke Monday with KAMC reporter Anna Wiernicki about their memories of Kylee and their thanks to the people of Lubbock for an outpouring of support.

Kylee was found murdered by Lubbock Police inside an apartment near 4th Street and Slide Road Sunday evening. A woman called 911 after seeing blood on the window of an apartment.

Police found Kylee’s biological father, Justin Michael Chisum, 29, naked in the neighborhood around 8th Street and Bangor Avenue. Police questioned Chisum and according to court records he confessed to killing the girl. Court records described “blunt force trauma.” 

Kylee had cerebral palsy but her family said that did nothing to dampen her spirits. 

Kylee’s aunt, Courtney Forrest, said, “Kylee was dearly loved and a very, very happy child. She laughed hysterically about just about anything. I wish I could be that happy about anything in the world.”

“I’m gonna miss her, but I know that she’s okay, and I just want to say thanks for all the support,” Forrest said.

“She never walked anywhere. She jumped and ran and laughed,” said Leah Merrill, Kylee’s Great Grandmother. “She was a joy to everybody, and she was so loving – just so loving. I can’t imagine her not being here.

Austen Forrest Waugh, Kylee’s brother, said, “I don’t know how someone could ever harm her, and she was just–she was never sad. She was just always happy.”

Kylee’s mom is serving time for a burglary conviction, and so Courtney Forrest asked for custody in 2011. But Chisum still had visitation rights. On Saturday, court records said, Chisum picked up Kylee and it was the last time her other family members saw her alive. 

Children’s Protective Services issued a brief statement on the case Monday, saying, “The family of Kylee Forrest did have prior involvement with CPS. We cannot go into any further detail other than we are investigating the death along with law enforcement.” 

A fund has been set up in Kylee’s name at any location of People’s Bank. 

Use the video link to see Austen Forrest Waugh speak about Kylee.
LUBBOCK, TX — Monday afternoon, residents of the Landing at Pinewood Park apartment complex reacted to the murder of 4-year-old Kylee Forrest at the complex the night before. The toddler’s biological father, Justin Chisum, has been charged with her death. 

“Sunday afternoon, and I can’t get over this, around 1:30 or 2 p.m., I heard her screaming, I heard her crying,” recounted Chisum’s next door neighbor, Patricia Lopez. “I’ve never heard her scream or cry. She’s a very quiet, tiny little girl. And it’s been killing me that I didn’t go outside and check.”

While Lopez says she only heard and didn’t see anything suspicious, another neighbor did find something that prompted her to call 911 a few hours later. Chisum’s car trunk had been left open in the parking lot, and the neighbor went to knock on his door to let him know. According to the arrest warrant, when the neighbor did that, she notice blood on the unit’s windows and decided to call police. 

Not long after that, Chisum was found a few blocks away, roaming the streets complete naked. Police also received a call on that incident, and when they arrived, took him in for questioning. He later confessed to killing the little girl.

Neighbors, like Lopez, say Chisum always struck them as an odd man. 

“I mean, he just made me feel really awkward and nervous at the same time,” she said. “He never came up to me or scared me or anything, but it was just the way he looked at me. It just made me feel very uneasy.”

As a mom, Lopez says the little girl’s death hit her very hard. In fact, she says it was hard just to get through work on Monday. In fact, she says it was hard just to get through work on Monday. 

“To see little kids being killed and hurt, it bothers me. It bothers me a lot because I just can’t believe it happened so close to me,” she said. “I just want to pray for the little girl, and pray for her mom. “I would’ve hoped social services would have helped her. I’m not here to blame anybody, except [Chisum], but I wouldn’t want any mother to go through that.”

The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services confirmed Monday that their agency has had “prior involvement” with this family in the past. They also said they’re investigating Kylee’s death alongside local law enforcement. However, they were not able to go into detail about what the nature of their prior involvement was.