Vivian Cockrell says, “I like cooking. It’s really therapeutic for me and I was making a pot of soup one day, and I wondered how hard it would be to make crackers.”

Wonder turned into determination, and what started as a need for a soup side, turned into Hope Springs Gourmet Crackers.

Vivian says, “You know going through changes and things, but you always stay hopeful– so hope springs eternal, hence the name of my company, Hope Springs Gourmet Crackers and it just seemed to kinda of take on a life of its own.”

Founder and owner, Vivian Cockrell, says it just seemed natural when it came to making crackers.

Vivian says, “I wondered if I changed it up and added some flavors, which I did and had some friends try them, and ended up making about 42 different flavors. I had all my friends and family survey them and they came up with the top six.”

Rosemary, Thyme, Parmesan, Salty Dill, Cheesy Potato, Green Chile Rice, Sun Dried Tomato and Mexi-Fiesta are Vivian’s unique flavors. Now, she’s working on a gluten free cracker.

Vivian says, “Got three flavors on those– still need a little tweaking, but they taste really good.”

Vivian also credits her success to the WT Enterprize Center.

Vivian says, “They kinda sat me down and helped me understand the process of how I wanted to market it, and of course having the commercial kitchen here has been a God send. There’s no way that I could be doing this in my 1965 turquoise oven at home.”

Reporter Kayla Zadel asks, “Why crackers?”

Vivian says, “It just seemed natural. Whenever I made crackers to go with my soup, I never thought it would be what I was doing.”

You can find Hope Springs Gourmet Crackers at Little Brown House or Lizzy Maes. Vivian will also develop a custom cracker for events, catering and restaurants. She’s also on Facebook, and has recipes for dip and other foods on her website.

Hope Springs Gourmet Crackers
(806) 433-1526