AMARILLO — The feds shut down an Amarillo strip club.

    Beavers gentlemen’s club was closed Tuesday by the U.S. Marshal’s office.
    The closure is part of a writ of execution against the owner, Barry Pour.
    The club is set to go on the auction block in two weeks to pay a court settlement on back wages.

    The U.S. Marshal’s office says they actually seized the property back in July, but, didn’t get around to changing the locks and kicking-out the owner until Tuesday.

    The manager of the club says they were open and operating Monday night.  But, when they arrived to work Tuesday, they were greeted with signs informing them of the closure.

    The manager says at least four employees have personal items inside they want to retrieve but, for now are not allowed.

    The attorney for the plaintiffs who sued the club owner over back wages says arrangements are being made to make sure those employees get their belongings back.

    The club itself will go up for auction September 2.
    The money made from  auction will be used to pay more than $318,000 in back wages and attorneys fees to nearly two dozen former employees.
    If the sale doesn’t make enough to cover the settlement, plaintiffs will go after other assets belonging to the owner which could include other strip clubs in Amarillo.

    If those other strip clubs, Babes and Cheetahs, are sold at auction, they wouldn’t be allowed to reopen as topless venues.

    That’s because of a 2003 city ordinance regulating these types of clubs.