Two Injured After Truck Hits Tree, Pole

The two have non-life threatening injuries

AMARILLO, TX - Two people have non-life threatening injuries after a truck runs into a tree and power pole. 

It happened this evening near 13th and Washington at around 9:30. 

According to police, the driver of the truck was going south on Washington and crossed into the northbound lanes. He then hit a pole in front of a house, and power pole fell on top of the truck.

According to officials at the scene, the driver tried to back up. 

The pole then rolled off of the truck and into the road, where a motorcycle driver hit the pole, and both riders were ejected.  

The truck driver then allegedly tried to drive down 13th and hit a tree. 

Then, the truck driver backed up again and hit another tree in front of the house where the driver had hit the pole moments before.

The driver of the truck and one of the motorcycle passengers have non-life threatening injuries. 

Amarillo Police are investigating.

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