Tulia Officer Arrested for Stalking Warrant Out of Lubbock County


Tulia Police Chief Steven Brush reported on Thursday that Tulia Police Officer Kelvin Henry was arrested the day before for a warrant out of Lubbock County.  The charge was stalking.

Henry was arrested by the Tulia Police Department, and taken to the Swisher County Jail.  He was placed on unpaid administrative leave.

Lubbock Police were called for a criminal mischief case on February 12 in the 2400 block of East 29th Street. Someone damaged the front right tire of a woman’s car.  The woman told police that she and Henry were in a dating relationship and broke up. 

A police report said, “[The suspect] had sent approximately 95 text messages and within the past three days, had made approximately 82 phone calls to [the victim’s] cell phone.”

Among the text messages was one that said, “Answer my motherf****** phone call.”

Because Henry was a Tulia police officer, he had a gun and the woman was in fear that he would kill her. 

While police were still on scene, Henry drove by the woman’s house, according to the police report. Police found Henry nearby.  He denied driving by.  Later he admitted he was driving in the area but looking for a friend named Cory.

Henry denied knowing about the damage to the tire. Lubbock Police told him to stay away from the victim.  An arrest warrant was issued on Wednesday. 

The Lubbock Police Department is handling the investigation.  As of Thursday afternoon, Henry was not yet transferred to the Lubbock County Detention Center. 

(everythinglubbock.com contributed to this report) 

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