Trump To Declare National Emergency


(NBC News) One fight appears to be over after Congress passed a spending bill Thursday to avert another partial government shutdown, but a major battle is still brewing now that President Trump is planning to declare a national emergency in order build a wall along the Southern Border. 

In addition to money from the budget deal, the president plans to build the wall with $600 million from a treasury department drug fund, $2.5 billion from a Pentagon drug program and $3.5 billion in Pentagon construction funds. 

Some of that money was earmarked to rebuild Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria. The island’s governor tweeted his response on Twitter Thursday, writing: “Is it now Puerto Rico and California (American Citizens) that will pay for the wall? If this is the case, we’ll see you in court.”

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said he’ll support the declaration, while other Republicans say it sets a bad precedent. 

Democrats agree and may also sue, arguing that there’s not even a national emergency to declare because illegal border crossing have been going down for years. 

The president is expected to sign the new spending bill and to officially declare the emergency during a news conference on Friday. 

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