Truck Hits Man Working On Traffic Light In Texas


Probably not on his bucket list of things to do.

As a professional photographer, Andrew Wolf has a collection of video and still cameras but it’s his dash cam that most recently got the shot.

Andrew Wolf says, “This is probably the most epic and horrific thing that I’ve seen.”

It was February 25th along Highway 90 at Pitts Road in Fort Bend County.

Traffic was clipping along at 50 miles an hour, as usual.

Andrew Wolf says, “Everytime my truck is on it’s running.”

Andrew had his dash cam recording.

To his left as close a call as could happen.

Andrew Wolf says, “And he hung upside down and sideways for a bit, and then his coworkers lowered the crane down.”

Andrew says the man hung there for about 30 seconds.

A bus barely missed him.

The crew was working on the traffic signal.

Andrew Wolf says, “You can see they ignored some safety rules. They didn’t have the road blocked off. The truck wasn’t protecting anybody, but they were smart enough to put on a helmet and that’s probably what — that definitely saved his life.”

The driver of the truck that hit him did stop.

Andrew called 911.

The worker appeared to be in shock but okay.

Andrew Wolf says, “He used up all his luck that day but it was just amazing that he literally walked away from that impact.”

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