Traveling For IVF Treatments


(KPRC) Celeste and Daniel Lacasa may never understand how many tears their parents shed waiting to meet them.

“You have those bad moments, like, you’re having that miscarriage. I remember one of them was on my birthday. It sucked, you know?” mother Erica Lacasa says, explaining how she silently suffered. “Or being sick and having a miscarriage or just feeling defeated, and God just, just would pick me up.”

The Lacasas knew in vitro fertilization might be their only chance to finally have a baby, but the price tag can leave many couples bankrupt since they needed tens of thousands of dollars to create embryos, have the procedure and buy all of the medications.

She agonized over the decision between maintaining their finances and starting fertility treatments.

On average, one round of IVF costs $15,000, and many women need more than one round.

Lacasa began researching clinics in Argentina, Uruguay and Israel. Then she found a Facebook group about a Mexican clinic about five hours away from her home in Houston.

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