Transit Plan Reviewed by Amarillo City Council

AMARILLO - It's been two decades since the city of Amarillo last looked into improving the transit system. And tonight the Amarillo City Council got an update on the progress.
It's the first city council meeting of the year and improving the city's transit system was one of the items on tonight's agenda.
It's a plan that's been in the works since last Fall.
Last year the council entered into a contract with a consulting firm.
They wanted to take a closer look at the city's current transit operations.
So far the update for the new year has been data collection and analyzing the different routes. The Interim City Manager tells us the ultimate goal of this plan is to figure out the best transit system the city can actually generate. 
"Really trying to question okay, we're always going to be limited in our resources, so what's the transit system in demand by the users that we can provide and what different ways can we do that and that's what this is really about," said Bob Cowell, Amarillo Interim City Manager/Deputy City Manager "
Cowell says there are four phases in this study and they're in the first phase currently. Which is just the council asking questions on the transit plan.
He tells us this preparation is setting the stage for some public discussions the council needs to have. We're told the community meetings are scheduled for the end of the month. 
Officials are still working on finalizing the locations and times for the public to attend.
Cowell tells us by the end of this year we'll start seeing results and products coming out from the plan. But he says it'll actually take years for it to affect the implementation of the plan.

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