Tractor Attack: Iowa Man Rams Sheriff With Hay Spear


(WHO)  An Iowa man is facing a charge of attempted murder after allegedly using a tractor to push the Decatur County Sheriff’s vehicle, with the sheriff inside, after law enforcement was called about a fight among family members.

The Iowa Department of Public Safety says 54-year-old Gerry Greenland was taken into custody following the incident.

“This was multi-layer family conflict. There was mom and brother and nephew, a whole conglomeration of people that were there,” Iowa Division of Criminal Investigations Special Agent Adam DeCamp said.

The first deputy to arrive was confronted by Greenland, who was driving a John Deere 4250 tractor with a front-end bale spear. Greenland drove the tractor toward the deputy’s vehicle, forcing the deputy to take evasive action to avoid being hit.

“The tractor comes out of a barn, comes toward the first deputy who is in his vehicle. Attempts to make contact with the deputies vehicle. The deputy was able to avoid contact. Then the tractor turned his attention to Sheriff Boswell,” DeCamp said.

Greenland then drove the tractor toward Sheriff Ben Boswell’s vehicle, hitting it on the side and piercing the driver’s side door with the bale spear tines. The tractor pushed the vehicle for 100 feet before stopping.


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