AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — Many Xcel customers are seeing an increase in their electricity bills this month, as July temperatures were above average with increased humidity.

Xcel Energy spokesman Wes Reeves said the increase in costs is primarily due to air conditioning usage.

“We’ve all experienced a very hot summer, also a humid summer. I did speak with [the National] Weather Service here in Amarillo and they said if you look back on July, every day was higher than average,” Reeves said. “So, a lot of customers are getting those bills from that part of July, and some are in August, because the bills are staggered. So we’re gonna keep seeing these bills coming in well into August, that are higher than what a lot of people expected, just primarily because of air conditioning, to keep us cool.”

Courtesy: Xcel Energy

Although residents are seeing an increase in their monthly electricity bills, Reeves said Xcel has not increased their overall rates this summer. He said some residents could see an increase in price if their bills have been estimated.

Reeves continued, “Now, granted, electric prices have gone up over the recent years, but there has not been a rate change this summer. That would cause that. There are some times there have been customers whose bills have been estimated, perhaps. So if you feel like your bill has been estimated, you can contact us and we’ll take a look at that. But our estimations are way down from last year as well.”

With summer coming to an end, residents are still encouraged to monitor their electricity usage and bills. According to Reeves, customers can be proactive in keeping costs down by keeping drapes closed during the daytime, continuously running fans, and waiting until the cool part of the day comes to complete household tasks, such as cooking and cleaning.

“There are other options you can take to help you manage your bill. So average billing just gives you the same amount every month, and you pay it out across the year,” Reeves said. “It makes the hit a little easier to bear if you’re not having it all at one time. So take a look at those options, various ways that you can manage your bill. If you need to change your due date, for instance, we can work with you on that as well.”

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