CANYON, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — Protest continued on the West Texas A&M University campus on Friday, in wake of the lawsuit against the university’s President, Walter Wendler. The protest began at noon at the ‘Buff’ fountain before protesters began marching towards President Wendler’s on-campus house.

When protesters arrived at the house they delivered a box of letters, art, and details on how some WTAMU students do not approve of his recent actions. The protest consisted of students in support of ‘Buffs for Drag’, the group that organized the protest along with students in support of President Wendler’s decision to cancel the on-campus drag show.

‘Buffs for Drag’ organizer Signe Eleder said that it is important to create a safe environment for LGBTQ and when they do not feel safe, that is when suicide rates usually rise.

“This is more than just about a drag show. This is about us wanting everyone to know that we are here, and you can’t silence us. And we deserve to have a space on this campus just like everyone else,” said Eleder.

Marshall, a WTAMU student in support of President Wendler, said that while the protest is going on he also wanted to express his freedom of speech and not just sit and watch it take place.

“It gives us the freedom to say whatever we want but it comes with reasonability to do and say what’s right. And I don’t feel like this is productive for people’s personal lives. I don’t feel like drag is productive,” said Marshall.

Another student in support of Wendler, Joseph Overton, said that it is important that while students are voicing their opinion it’s important that they respect each other’s viewpoints.

“Obviously, we all have different side to this. Me personally I am with the president and that just goes. That just ties to my religion and my life bases. But obviously that’s not the same for everyone. I would be wrong to expect that from everybody,” said Overton.

Kendall Carnahan, a supporter of “Buffs for Drag,’ hopes that from the protest, students learn more about drag.

“I would like Walter Wendler to see the damage that he has caused. And I want anybody, even on the other side to really see where we are coming from. And if anything, I want them to understand the message and how we are passionate about this,” said Carnahan.

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