WATCH: APD Chief Birkenfeld and the APD Homicide Unit addresses the Nicole Moore case and the connection to the recently deceased Billy Ivy.

“Our fear now is that it will become difficult, if not impossible, to determine her whereabouts without additional information…” Chief Birkenfeld said, “… Someone knows about Nikki’s disappearance, and we want you to come forward and give this information. We want you to talk to us so that we can find Nikki and give her family the peace, the answers, and the closure that they deserve.”

The APD Homicide Unit has handled the cases surrounding Billy Ivy, Jr. from June of 2016 to present. There have been 9 separate investigations around Ivy, who was indicted for all of them in state or federal court.

These investigations included;

  • 31 suspects; 12 cleared of all charges, 10 indicted, 2 aside from Ivy deceased
  • 258 interviews
  • 71 searches
  • 400 pieces of evidence; including 11 firearms and 37 cell phones
  • 1845 individual phone number records searched

Lead Investigator Mike Dunn reminded the conference, despite the detail on Ivy’s case “…Today’s about Nicole.”

According to APD, while incarcerated, Ivy had a contraband cellphone containing recordings of Ivy describing his activities, and continuing to attempt to hire out for murder.

From the recovered cellphone, APD claims to have evidence that Ivy knew the location of Nicole Moore, and intended to use that to his advantage in making a deal for his sentencing.

With Ivy now dead, APD has once again asked for any and all information regarding the location of Nicole Moore, with the previously offered $10,000 reward still available.

Lead Investigator Mike Dunn, and the APD, ask for those with information to contact the APD Homicide Unit at 806-378-9468, or Amarillo Crime Stoppers at 806-374-4400.

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