AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — October is pregnancy and infant loss month, and one woman is making it her mission to help parents who have lost babies, through social media.

Stephanie Basco Sullivan started a Facebook page support group back in 2019. She said she lost her only daughter at 19 weeks pregnant back in 2005.

“It took me about 13 years, but I finally found some help, counseling. And they encouraged me to start a journal, which led to me writing my memoir of my whole experience, called My heart Shaped Womb,” Sullivan said. “Through that book, I felt led to help others like me, because child loss is definitely a stigma. People like to keep a close lid on it.”

She said the group has nearly 900 members who read her posts and share about their loss and grief.

“I’ve had a mother from Africa, reach out to me saying that she wakes up every morning, ready to read what I’ve posted,” said Sullivan. “A lot of mothers will say, ‘Well, thank you for saying that. Because I’ve been feeling this way. And nobody’s listening, but you’ve put it out there.'”

According to Sullivan, group members are from all over the U.S., the U.K., and other countries.

She said each year, she celebrates each baby’s birthday or “angel-versary” as she calls it.

“Because a lot of times after someone’s child dies, they’re forgotten by a lot of people, except for the parents that are left behind.”

Sullivan said ultimately she would like to work with hospitals and agencies who help parents facing child loss, by giving copies of her books.

She said another important thing to remember is counseling is not the same as grief counseling.

“It’s very important for me to let other mothers and fathers know that they’re not alone in this and that you can cope with the loss of a child. Not by hiding it, but by bringing it out and recognizing it, and getting the help you need,” said Sullivan. “I truly believe that this is what the Lord is wanting me to do and I just hope I can help somebody not feel alone. Like we say at Mothers of Angels, love and hugs and you’ll never grieve alone.”