AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — It’s that time of year again, the sun is out, the weather is warm across the High Plains, and if you’re going to have some fun in the sun, there’s one thing you should be mindful of, heat illness.

“Heat exhaustion is the early stages of heat related illness,” said Rodney Young, M.D., Texas Tech Physicians Family Medicine Physician.

Some of the symptoms of heat exhaustion are, “fatigue, unusual sweating patterns, so either you have been sweating a lot and then stop, or a curiously small amount of sweating is occurring,” Dr. Young said.

If left untreated, Dr. Young advised heat exhaustion can progress into heat stroke.

“When you develop heat stroke, you begin to have more of the central nervous system manifestation of the more severe form of the disease,” Dr. Young emphasized.

When it comes to outdoor activities in the summer, there’s some precautions you need to take.

“Don’t go alone because the way heat stroke sneaks up on you, you can’t really tell it’s coming on, because it’s affecting your brain itself,” he told us. “Avoid going outside during the heat of the day, so if you can, take your hikes in the morning or in the evening hours.”

if you’re going to be out in the middle of the day, “you have to hydrate. We very much underestimate how much fluid we lose on hot days. It’s not just the conscious losses of fluid, each time we exhale, we lose a certain amount of fluid,” he said emphatically.

When it comes to hydration, Dr. Young told us water is the best thing to consume. Sugar and caffeine from energy drinks, sports drinks and other liquids can dehydrate you quicker.

Also consider lightweight clothes that cover more of your body.

“A lot of clothing you can get now for outdoor activities is engineered for that purpose, it helps to protect you from the radiant heat, without trapping a lot of heat,” he said.

Have fun in the sun, just be careful.