AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) – An Amarillo family is picking up the pieces after their house on South Ong caught fire on Tuesday. That fire ruined a large portion of the inside of the home and killed multiple pets.

Tina and Todd Burris, along with Tina’s mother and stepfather are asking what’s next after that devastating house fire Tuesday caused by a fatality radiator heater.

“It just filled up with black smoke, like fast. It was just really hot in there and everything was ruined and melted. We are trying our hardest to get the smoke smell out of our clothes that did survive,” said Tina Burris.

The Burris’s said they weren’t able to salvage much from the home.

“Everything is covered in that soot. I guess that’s what you call it,” said Tina Burris.

“Everything electronic is broken. All of our cooking, crockpot, instant pot. Everything is pretty much ruined. We have a couple of pans, copper pans that are salvageable. Everything is black, we don’t know until we go through it more,” said Todd Burris.

Since the fire, the Burris’s said they have been helped by the American Red Cross and First Baptist Church.

“They gave us some money and set us up where we can go to motel 6 and stay there, so we can try to clean up and try to clean and try to salvage what we could, not much, but they supplied us with money and found temporary accommodations,” said Todd Burris.

The Burris’s also added that they are blown away by the generosity of their neighbors asking what they can do to help.

“We are grateful to everyone that has helped us so far,” said Tina Burris.

Todd Burris added, “our neighbors have been wonderful. We don’t have a single bad neighbor. Everybody has offered to help in some way.

Currently, the Burris’s are staying at a family friend’s home until they can make repairs on the house on Ong Street. The Burris’s said they are grateful for everything that they have done.

A GoFundMe to help with rebuilding the home has been set up.