AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — The Amarillo Police Department said there are more than 600 registered sex offenders living in Amarillo city limits, and they’re sharing tips to keep people and their kids safe.

Texas DPS has a website with a map showing where registered sex offenders live, their addresses, offenses, and how long they must stay registered.

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Cpl. Hilton said Amarillo has no ordinance regulating where a registered sex offender may live. APD said whether sex offenders are allowed around children depends on their status.

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Cpl. Jeb Hilton with APD recommends looking at anyone who might live in your neighborhood and being extra cautious, possibly keeping children away from them.

“But when we look at these, it’s not just children who could possibly be in danger. So we have adults, we have not just offenders who have offended against children. There are other cases out there. So we should all be a little more cautious when it comes to this, we should all be paying attention to our surroundings,” said Cpl. Hilton.

He said noticing who is around you, and staying aware when you’re out and about can keep you safe.

“Noticing when you walk from your residence to your vehicle, you know, is there somebody around? Is there somebody that could be in the way of me getting to my vehicle? And if so, maybe wait a little bit,” he said, “You know, paying attention when you’re coming back to see if there might be a vehicle that’s followed you or someone that looks like they’re there possibly waiting on you.”

While these incidents are not something they see often, Hilton recommends taking extra safety precautions just in case.

“These little things that we can do could possibly save us from a very bad situation, you know, locking your doors, locking your windows, making sure that you’re paying attention to those suspicious activities,” he continued. “And if you see something, definitely report it.”

He said parents should also talk with kids about how someone’s looks are not exactly what they should be on the lookout for, but how they act and what they say.

“If somebody is trying to get you to do something you’re not supposed to do. If somebody’s trying to get you to go somewhere, you’re not supposed to go or try to get you to keep a secret from somebody you shouldn’t be keeping secrets from,” Hilton said. “And definitely, if somebody says, ‘Hey, we’re going to keep this from your parents,’ that’s a big red flag.”

Most of the time, Hilton said these crimes are committed by someone the victim knows.

“We all talk about stranger danger and that person hiding around the corner, but it’s who’s in the same house, who are we leaving our children with when we go out and have a good time? So you know, it’s sad, but it’s generally going to be a family member or a close friend and acquaintance of some sort that we have to look out for.”

He said the most important thing to remember is to trust your gut.

“Sometimes it doesn’t mean necessarily, you know, call the cops on them or do something like that. Maybe talk to another neighbor, talk to a friend or a spouse or something and say, ‘Hey, is there something weird about this?’ and get somebody else’s opinion on that,” Hilton added. “You know, if you don’t feel right about it, stay away from it. If you don’t feel right about it, keep your children away from it.”

Hilton noted that not every registered sex offender will re-offend, but there is always the possibility that there is an offender in your neighborhood who hasn’t been caught yet.

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