Amarillo Police Arrest a Man Carrying Four Guns, At Least 200 Rounds of Ammo

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Just before 10 p.m. Wednesday night, Amarillo Police got a call that 31-year-old Brian Anderson was armed and trying to hurt someone at the Willow Glen apartments on Wolflin Ave.

Witnesses told police that Anderson wasn’t alone inside the apartment.

“They were also aware that there was another person involved inside the apartment, a female,” Sgt. Brent Barbee said.
According to police, the woman was trying to calm Anderson down because he was carrying four guns and hundreds of rounds of ammunition.
Witnesses told police they had been texting the woman and she was no longer responding.
While officers were discussing how to approach the situation, Anderson stepped outside of the apartment.
“He had, visibly, a shotgun slung over his back, a .22 rifle slung in front of him, and he was carrying a handgun in each hand,” Sgt. Barbee said. “He had a nine millimeter and a .380 caliber handgun.”
One of the officers eventually took Anderson at gunpoint and ordered him to drop his gun.
“He told them that he wouldn’t drop his gun,” Sgt. Barbee said. “This went on for what one of the officers described as about a minute, sort of a standoff situation, when the man wouldn’t drop his guns.”
Anderson did eventually drop his guns and police were able to detain him without causing any injuries.
Currently, a major of part of the investigation for police is finding out why Anderson was leaving his apartment with those guns and ammo. Police say it didnt’ stop with just those, it was also reported that Anderson was carrying a knife.
Anderson was booked into Potter County for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. The woman was inside the apartment with him was not injured.

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