Too much exercise leads to bad decision making


A new study suggests over-exercising could cause mental fatigue and ultimately set you up for poor choices in your eating habits and finances.

(FOX NEWS) — A new study suggests you may actually need to patrol your swole.

The study, published Thursday in the journal “Current Biology” suggests over-exercising could lower your ability to delay self gratification.

Researchers selected two groups, one did a normal workout regimen and the other over-worked themselves.

The second group not only performed worse on the exercise test, but their MRI’s showed more fatigue in their brain which lowered their ability to fight off the urge to get an immediate reward after a workout like a big, greasy, unhealthy meal.

And, when asked if they’d rather have five-dollars now or 50-dollars later, again the overworked group chose the immediate self-gratification option.

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