(NBC News) — Tonight on “Dateline”, when Meghan Verikas falls in love with successful Houston doctor Leon Jacob, the relationship ends up taking a turn for the worse. After she breaks up with him, she finds out she might be the target of a murder-for-hire plot.

The episode “Twisted in Texas” features interviews with Meghan Verikas, Meghan’s ex-boyfriend Leon Jacobs and more.

Here’s a preview of Andrea Canning’s report: 

In the beginning, it was heady, fun.

MEGHAN VERIKAS: he is very charming.

She was swept away. 

MEGHAN VERIKAS: I don’t think I’ve ever had somebody tell me I’m beautiful that much.

But without warning, it all turned from love story to crime story.

MAGGIE WHITLEY: He’s a relentless tsunami.

SAMANTHA KNECHT: He doesn’t care who he affects.

ANDREA CANNING: This is, like, out of a movie?


A thriller.

AERIAL WASHINGTON: I ran across the street yelling, “Leave her alone.”

With secret recordings.

LEON JACOB: I want her gone.

A fake death, and another death, that was all too real.

ANGELA HUDSON: Awful. Never should’ve happened, none of it.

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