Tofurky sues over law banning “veggie burger” labels


The meat alternative company filed a lawsuit Monday challenging a new law that bans labeling plant-based products as "burgers" or "hot dogs".

What’s in a name?

Enough power to make a company sue a state.

The meat substitute company Tofurky cooking up a lawsuit Monday against the state of Arkansas.

A new law in the natural state bans alternative meat companies from labeling their plant-based products as “burgers”, “sausages”, or “meats”.

Tofurky has cried foul, and the ACLU has joined the suit, calling the law a restriction on commercial speech.

The law goes into effect this month and also applies to dairy alternatives, like nut milks, and vegetable alternatives, like cauliflower rice.

Arkansas joins Mississippi and Missouri as the latest state to target fake meat products.

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