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Safe Halloween Costumes

With Halloween less than a week away, your kids have probably started planning their costumes.

Safety experts are reminding parents to chose costumes that are bright, reflective and ‘flame resistant’.

Consider using makeup or decorative hats instead of masks because they can limit or block kids’ vision.

Lastly, avoid using decorative contact lenses without an eye exam from a professional.    

Best way to Nap

Studies suggest that even short naps could help boost your mood, make you more alert, less impulsive and more tolerant!

50-70 million U.S. adults have difficulty sleeping, and many say they’re not getting the recommended seven hours a night. 

The biggest mistake is when people assume they can function fine on fewer hours.

While nothing can replace a good night’s rest,  a mid-afternoon nap can be beneficial, but you should keep it under 30 minutes.

Experts say a power nap at about 1 or 2 p.m. can help maintain peak performance.

Surgery Pain

Many people over-estimate how much pain they will feel after surgery.

A new study of over 200 surgical patients found they expected almost twice the level of pain than they actually felt.

Those who had nerve blocks, epidurals or other regional anesthesia were most likely to overestimate their pain.

Experts say this anticipation can cause unnecessary anxiety.

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