WT-lead research links rude emails to lack of sleep

Today in Amarillo

On Today in Amarillo, we spoke with Dr. Trevor Watkins from West Texas A&M about his recent research that states workers are more likely to send out rude emails if they have a lack of sleep.

A two-week study of 131 workers sought to measure “cyber incivility”, or electronic violations that would violate workplace norms of mutual respect.

At 7 am each workday, the research team sent participants a morning survey, which included a measure of how much the participants slept, and an end-of-day survey was sent at 4 pm each workday, measuring fatigue, incivility, and other variables.

Participants completed a total of 945 morning surveys and 843 afternoon surveys.

The results showed that when workers did not get enough sleep, they were more likely to experience self-regulatory fatigue and engage in cyber incivility.

You can read more about the study here.

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