Study shows what Americans consider a “party”

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The average American says a party isn't a party unless there are 10 or more people in attendance - except baby boomers who think eight people is enough for a good time.

(FOX NEWS) – You need to make sure at least ten people are in attendance the next time you’re hosting an event according to a new “One Poll” study examining the partying habits of the average American.

Researchers found millennials, generation z, and generation x consider ten people the number it takes to turn a small gathering into a party.

The study says only baby boomers disagree.

Adding, the older generations think eight people is the cut off.

Analysts say the study shows millennials seem to party the most with data revealing the average millennial engages in a social event almost three times a week.

What’s the best chance you have of getting someone to attend your party?

The study found a quarter of people say they’re willing to go out if the event involves competitive games or trivia.

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