Scientists create beanless coffee

Today in Amarillo

A food scientist is rethinking coffee, and recreating it without the bitterness and without the bean, this is how it works.

One company is changing the look of your morning cup of joe.

Inventing a brand new form of coffee.

One they say isn’t just beanless, but is also not bitter.

Atomo is behind a new product aimed to get you buzzing.

It’s co-founder experimenting with over a thousand different coffee compounds creating a beverage with the same smell, taste, and color as standard coffee.

The catch, atomo’s coffee is beanless.

The company won’t disclose the exact ingredients but says it mixes over a dozen food elements and adds caffeine.

Company heads say standard coffee has big impacts on the environment leading to deforestation to make room for coffee plantations.

Atomo says consumers can expect to see their first products launch in 2020.

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