Report: One dog year does not equal seven human years

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You've been estimating your dog's age wrong according to a new study it isn't as easy as multiplying by seven.

(FOX NEWS) — Some doggone bad news for the way we relate to our dogs.

We’ve been “Barking up the wrong tree” when counting a dog’s age.

A new study in the journal “Cell Systems” says counting a dog’s age by multiplying their years by seven isn’t quite right.

A senior researcher at the University of California San Diego School of Medicine says the aging of dogs and humans can be determined by “Methyl groups” in genes, and the groups are found in different patterns at different ages.

For example, a one-year-old dog is like a 30-year-old human, but, a 4-year old dog is like a 52-year old human, and by seven human years, the dog’s aging rate slows even more.

The study used only labrador retrievers, and researchers want to widen the breeds tested to see if the results hold up.

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