Parents design app for kids chores

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A North Carolina couple has designed a new app for parents to delegate chores to their kids and pay them for their hard work.

(WWAY/CNN) – Parents, how often do you find yourself nagging your kids to help more around the house?

Well a North Carolina couple might have a solution to your problem!

It’s designed to give kids and parents a little encouragement in the chore department.

Christine Robicheau says, “You know, you want kinda the old and the new to match. Everyone has a phone. It’s all in the digital age.”

Christine Robicheau decided an app was the way to do that.

So, Christine and her husband Peter designed the chorez app.

Christine Robicheau says, “Once you’ve set it up, you don’t have to go get a new chore chart.”

With the app, Robicheau says you can customize your own list of chores.

From there, each child can look at what chores are available each day and how much they can earn.

Peter says to cover his tracks, his son can take a “before” picture then an “after” picture to prove he did the job.

Peter Robicheau says, “It really is just a minute or so of looking at the app and saying, ‘I approve this.’ You can look at the before and after picture to determine if it was done well. One of the problems with with parents is, ‘Did the kids do their chores? They’re all checked off on the refrigerator, right?'”

He says then you can pay your child with the push of a button.

Wondering how?

Well when you download the app, you can get a prepaid Mastercard for each person and link those cards straight to your bank account.

Peter Robicheau says, “These cards basically allow you to send money back and forth like Venmo, or Paypal, or any of those, but within your families.”

The premium version of the chorez app is $59.99 a year. But there’s a basic version of the app which you can download for free if you want to try out the basic features before buying the full app.”

Christine Robicheau says, “It’s the only way my kids are going to be successful in life. They have to create these habits an have it be something that is normal to them, that if they do well, they’re going to be rewarded.”

One special feature on the Chorez app called fair share. Lets you split the yearly cost of the app with your children to act as a small tax that’s taken out of your child’s earnings.

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