People love receiving physical mail and nowhere is this more true than for military folks. Care packages with small reminders of home, photos, and messages of love and support have a huge impact on active military members serving far from home.

While letters and care packages are tried and true ways to support military members, Hallmark recently announced a new offering that puts an extra-personal spin on its classic greeting card.

Hallmark video greeting cards allow users to record and share greetings which are automatically edited and decorated into colorful video messages by easy-to-use production technology and can be shared individually or via social media.

Scanning a simple QR code with your phone on the inside cover of the card kicks off an easy process that helps create a video message that lets you share your story, tell someone you love them or wish them a happy birthday from far away.

There’s also a fully digital component that makes it easier for military families to instantly send one-of-a-kind messages to their loved ones on active duty.

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