Forget blue, ‘black’ moon is coming July 31

Today in Amarillo

What will I see during a black moon and what the heck is it?

For the first time in three years – a black moon will occur in North America on Wednesday, July 31.

A black moon is the second new moon of the month.

It works similarly to a leap year.

A lunar cycle typically takes about 29 days to complete, but our months are slightly longer.

So sometimes, about every 32 months, we happen to get two full moons or two new moons.

The second full moon in a month is called a blue moon, and the second new moon is called a black moon.

So what will you see Wednesday night?

Probably nothing – a black moon is really just a new moon, the only real significance is that it’s the second one.

So you won’t even see it because it will blend in with the sky.

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