The Better Business Bureau, the Downtown Women’s Center, and the Amarillo Police Department are warning consumers about a scam involving door-to-door magazine sales. Individuals are going door-to-door selling magazine subscriptions claiming their sales will go towards points to get out of Gratitude House.

From BBB:

“We usually see magazine sales scams at this time of year,” said Janna Kiehl, BBB President. “And unfortunately it’s not unusual that they use a reputable organization to try to take your money.”
Downtown Women’s Center is a drug and alcohol recovery program for women and their children. They provide housing and services to overcome homelessness and addiction. 
Diane Gilmore, Executive Director tells BBB that they do not do door-to-door solicitations. They do not sell magazines and the program does not require “points to be earned” to get out of the house.
Downtown Women’s Center has notified BBB they are not soliciting door-to-door, the individual does not work for them and does not have authority to use their name in solicitations. In fact, Downtown Women’s Center has never solicited in this way and will not.
BBB warns to pay close attention to door-to-door solicitors and use extreme caution. The individuals going door-to-door have been reported to be aggressive when challenged. If at all possible, call the police department right away.
Ask solicitors for their door-to-door permit which must be obtained from the Amarillo Police Department. “All solicitors are required to obtain a permit from the Amarillo Police Department, prior to doing any type of door to door sales. If someone comes to your door without one, or refuses to provide proof, call the police. And even if they do have one, but you don’t feel comfortable or want more reassurance that it is valid, please call Amarillo police at 378-3038,” said Sgt Carla Burr. “We will send an officer out and check to make sure it is valid. We want our citizens to be safe and secure in their own homes. These scammers will try any trick to get your money, and we feel you can’t be too careful.” If you have any questions, contact the Crime Prevention unit at 378-4257 or email at @APD Crime Prevention Unit. 
Unfortunately, Downtown Women’s Center’s name is being used in this scam, a common tactic by scam artists to lure you into believing their pitch. “Always check out solicitations BEFORE giving money,” said Kiehl. If they truly are with a real charitable organization, they will welcome your efforts to verify their legitimacy. “Legitimate charities don’t t use pressure to get your money,” said Kiehl. Call the organization directly and call the BBB. You can also go directly to Scam Tracker to report this scam.  
Amarillo Police Department advises area residents not to answer your door to someone you don’t know, especially after dark or if you are home alone.
Better Business Bureau 
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