‘The Voice’ returns for season 19 on NBC4


(NBC) — NBC’s “The Voice” returns for a new season starting tonight with Kelly, Blake and John and the return of Gwen Stefani to the fold.

The coaches are back in studio with the artists, but there are some concessions to the coronavirus.

Mark Barger talked to the group about the adjustments.

Here is his report:

Last spring, the voice could not have been more socially distant.

Now, the coaches are back in studio, but still talking remotely about tonight’s new season.

MARK BARGER: How happy were you folks to be anywhere but home to be able to tape these blind auditions?

KELLY CLARKSON: Very happy.  I think what we’ve all been talking about is we’re all very fortunate in the fact that we got to not just hear, but see and feel live music.    

Gwen Stefani returns for a season that, because of COVID-19, trades an in-person audience for a virtual one.

GWEN STEFANI: You don’t feel the cameras as much and you don’t really feel, because the whole crew is so cut down, that it feels like it’s just us.

MARK BARGER: How weird was it to be welcoming people onto your team and not be able to hug ’em?

JOHN LEGEND: I got to welcome them with a rubber glove though, so…

KELLY CLARKSON: It’s the worst!

MARK BARGER: Now Gwen, I know you haven’t won yet on the show, is Blake wise enough not to mention that fact around the house?

GWEN STEFANI: Have you seen the win that I have had? Blake Shelton is my boyfriend.

JOHN LEGEND: He’s lucky.  He’s lucky!   

BLAKE SHELTON: There’s the headline!

The next headline will be for the season 19 winner.

“The Voice” premieres tonight at 8 p.m. followed by an all-new “Weakest Link” at 10 p.m.

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