The Search for Evidence of Thomas Brown Continues

CANADIAN - For Thomas Brown's family, they are still holding out hope that they can find out what happened to their son. On Saturday morning, around 150 volunteers came out looking for evidence to try and solve the mystery.
Penny Meek, Thomas Brown's Mom says, "It's emotional, but this is still very much in the minds and hearts of people not just in our community, but in the surrounding area."

When the search began this morning, investigators were looking for something specific.

Philip Klein, President of Klein Investigations & Consulting says, "We are looking for two major things. We're looking for a cell phone and 25 caliber automatic pistol."
Things got off to a hot start. Only a couple hundred yards from where the search began, volunteers found a rose gold iPhone 5.

Not long after that, another group of volunteers found pieces of a destroyed laptop.

And then, less than 100 yards from where Brown's backpack was found in February, more volunteers found a sealed bucket containing bones underneath the road.

As the search continues, Klein tells us this most recent look at the surrounding area has been fruitful for the investigation.

We asked Klein what these findings mean, he told us that he is not going to comment on whether the phone or the laptop help or hurt the investigation.

He did tell us that investigators decided the bucket of bones they found were those of an animal carcass.

Klein says the number of volunteers willing to walk along the side of the road looking for any evidence at all, shows how the small community of Canadian has come together in the wake of a terrible tragedy.

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