ROUND ROCK (KXAN) — Leading up to Christmas, people warn you frequently about making sure packages being delivered to your door don’t get stolen — but what happens if they break the moment they get to your door?

A brother and sister in Round Rock reached out to KXAN and said their FedEx delivery driver dropped a brand new TV, causing it to break.

“I just honestly wanted to treat myself to a TV or something,” said Josh Rodriguez. “Thought all my hard work would pay off by getting a TV online for a deal.”

He said he ordered the TV online.

Rodriguez described opening and setting up the TV.

“Came off a long day of work. I see the TV, and I set it up and everything. It looks beautiful. Went to plug it in. Turn the TV on, and it’s just black.”

At first, Rodriguez thought they received a defective item, but his sister Monica decided to check their doorbell camera just to see how the TV was delivered.

What they saw was shocking and disappointing, they said.

“I’ve heard for stories like this happening. I just didn’t think it would happen to me,” Josh said.

They watched a short clip of a FedEx driver bringing the TV to the door. They heard a loud thud as the driver dropped off the box.

“You know, the way they handled this package was nowhere near the way it should’ve been handled by a delivery driver,” Monica said.

She said she reached out to FedEx and filed a complaint, but as of Wednesday evening, she hadn’t heard back from the company about what’s going to happen to the claim she filed.

“I’m hoping that they have people looking at complaints, and [they’re] seeing what they can do to re-look at what are they doing wrong,” she said. “Are workers being rushed to a point where they’re just having to throw the packages and go? Do they need to re-address that?”

FedEx response to KXAN’s questions

When asked about Rodriguez’s situation, FedEx sent a statement:

“The behavior depicted in the video is unacceptable and inconsistent with the professionalism FedEx Ground service providers demonstrate every day in safely and securely delivering millions of packages to our customers. We are committed to treating our customers’ shipments with the utmost care and will take the appropriate steps to address this matter. “

FedEx said people can start the claims process for a damaged package here.

Other delivery companies’ policies

Since now’s when a lot of people buy gifts online, we also reached out to companies like UPS, the U.S. Postal Service and Amazon.


“UPS employees receive regular training on the company’s methods and procedures to safely transport and deliver packages. If a customer reports issues with their delivery, we will investigate the situation and take appropriate action.”

The company directed KXAN to this page about filing a claim for a lost or damaged package.


“The Postal Service appreciates its customers and strives to provide excellent service. This is our busiest time and we prepare all year to serve our customers throughout the holiday season. That includes providing our employees with ongoing awareness and training programs on a continual basis, in order to deliver the level of service our customers deserve. Tossed or thrown packages are unacceptable to us and the vast majority of our letter carriers deliver with professionalism and the utmost care.

USPS said it’s expecting to deliver nearly 800 million packages this holiday season.

The company spokesperson said, “In the rare event that a package is received damaged, customers may file an indemnity claim for insured mail, COD items, Registered Mail with postal insurance, Priority Mail, or Priority Mail Express packages at A claim may be filed immediately, but not later than 60 days after the mailing date.”


The spokesperson said most packages get delivered without issues. Customers have a few different ways to track their packages, including:

  • Through or an Amazon app
  • Amazon map tracking feature
  • Amazon Logistics photo-on-delivery service

If something happens, the spokesperson said customer service is available 24/7 to help.