TYLER, Texas (KETK) – Every year, the streets of Tyler are lined with people with one common purpose: to celebrate the Texas Rose Festival Parade.

A long-held tradition in the area, the parade is comprised of over 100 different groups participating, with thousands on the sidelines watching. Spectators will be set up across the parade route, which begins at Front Street and Glenwood Boulevard, goes west on Front Street, through the East Texas State Fairgrounds, and ends in the CHRISTUS Trinity Mother Frances Rose Stadium.

At the center of the festivities is Rose Queen Molly Berry, a proud Tyler-native who is currently a junior at Texas Christian University.

The theme this year’s festival is “Empires of Enchantment.”

“Empires from around the world present their first gifts– beautiful views, breathtaking experiencing, and glorious jewels, to honor the queen of the 2022 Texas Rose Festival.”

For those wanting to catch up on the festivities from home, KETK will have a live broadcast of the Texas Rose Festival Parade on-air and online at KETK.com.