Walmart posts an “armed” guard to protect Blue Bell ice cream


A Walmart employee named Ruben Stands guard at a Corpus Christi, TX store with a water pistol ward off any more mischief done to Blue Bell ice cream

A Texas Walmart brings out the big guns for ice cream security following a recent tampering incident.

The walmart on saratoga road in corpus christi may have ruben standing guard at the blue bell ice cream case.

Ruben is serious, imposing, and is “armed” with a water pistol to prevent any ice cream mischief in his store and a Facebook post from the store confirms blue bell’s safe in their shelves.

A video emerged this week of a woman licking the top of a blue bell ice cream tub in lufkin, texas and placing it back in the case.

Authorities say they could arrest her on consumer product tampering if she’s found and if convicted, she could face two to twenty years in prison.

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