WACO, Texas (FOX 44) – The new Showtime series, “Waco: The Aftermath,” looks at the events leading up to the siege at Mount Carmel or as some called it the Branch Davidian Compound.

The series focuses on what happened during the siege and how it influenced events after such as the Oklahoma City bombing that happened two years later.

The Dowdle brothers spent several years researching the Branch Davidian Compound to best represent it in the show.

They spoke with the FBI’s head of negotiations, Gary Noesne, theologians and also spent significant time looking through Baylor University’s archives.

After researching, the Dowdle’s found a gap in the message the public received in 1993.

Many, remember the scene as tanks versus a building. However, it was David Thibodeau’s book, “A Place Called Waco” that sparked the idea for the series.

The book highlighted the importance of showcasing the faces and names of people inside the building.

Instead of focusing on the right side and the wrong side, this Showtime series highlights the mistakes on both sides. “Waco: The Aftermath” is on Showtime now.