Vets Sue Earplug Company Over Hearing Loss


“My wife likes to call it selective hearing.”

Lloyd Carroll’s family may laugh about it but. 

“I really think my hearing’s getting worse.”

He served in the Army with deployments to both Iraq and Korea.

Army Veteran Lloyd Carroll says, “I was an infantry soldier, so I was around the loudness, the explosions, the fire, the guns.”

The army gave him 3M’s combat arms earplugs.

Back in the early 2000s when he served, 3M had an exclusive contract to sell them to the military.

Lloyd Carroll says, “We were all under the assumption that they were protecting us.”

Carroll and veterans all over the country are now suing.

They believe 3M knew the plugs were defective but sold them to the military anyway.

3M won’t comment on the lawsuit.

Back in July, it agreed to pay the government more than nine million dollars but did not admit guilt.

Carroll says he has a ringing in his ears that’s only getting worse.

He found out just weeks ago other veterans were going through the same thing.

Lloyd Carroll says, “If I can speak for it, and speak for everybody else, and it helps, that’s all I’m looking to do.”

Caroll hopes that lawsuits like his hold 3M and the government accountable.

Lloyd Carroll says, “I know most of us don’t like handouts and we’re not looking for handouts ever, but if we attach ourselves to something like this and anything else and the more of us that do it, it gets the word out there, we should all be doing that.”

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