ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) The Abilene Police Department (APD) arrested Abilene man, Byllie Brown in connection to a 41-year-old cold case. He is accused of murdering Susanna Flores Brown and her daughter Franchesca in March of 1982. Police credited this arrest to advancements in DNA technology. But there’s yet another twist: The couple who now live in the home where the killing was reported; they had no idea the place they call home was ever once a crime scene.

South Abilene couple, Tera and David Baker told KTAB/KRBC they saw Brown’s arrest last week, “The whole task force came in and blocked in four to five cars… His truck was right here and they took it from there and he went to jail, and I saw on the news it was the 1300 block of Bowie.”

The Bakers said it wasn’t until a knock at their door that they learned their home, which they recently moved into, was the scene of the crime. Chillingly enough, they added that they had seen shadows in the house walking from one room to another.

“It just feels like a really weird something right here,” Mrs. Baker pointed out.

The couple told KTAB/KRBC they believe these shadows they’ve seen belong to the late Franchesca and Susana Flores Brown.

“We haven’t lived here that long, and I like the paranormal stuff, and I was like, ‘there’s something here.’ and he was like, ‘no.’ When he told me he’s seen it, that’s when I knew,” shared Mrs. Baker.

Shortly after the news was delivered, Mr. Baker got on the phone to tell his roommate about their discovery.

“The room you (roomate) sleep in, the daughter got murdered in that room, and the one we sleep in is where the wife got murdered,” Mr. Baker said to his roommate over speaker phone.

The mystery of who killed Franchesca and Susana Flores Brown was reopened after investigators found DNA in Susana’s mouth that was matched to Byllie Brown this July. While they were collecting the swab, the documents state Brown told investigators, “I think I just signed my death warrant.”

Brown has since been released from the Taylor County Jail on a $200,000 bond.