EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – Board games have always been part of thousands of Americans’ lives across the nation. Whether it’s in family gatherings, parties, or a weekend activity, playing board games has become a classic entertaining pastime.

A new study conducted by World of Card Games recently analyzed the number of Google searches for 605 board games to determine which one is Texas’ favorite.

The findings were the following:

  1. Chess: Tops the list for Texas’ favorite board game, with an average of 42,761 monthly searches.
  2. Checkers: Texas’ second favorite board game, with an average of 23,775 monthly searches.
  3. Monopoly: Third for Texas’ favorite board game, with an average of 19,752 monthly searches.
  4. Clue: With 12,973 average monthly searches, Clue is fourth for Texas’ favorite board game.
  5. Mancala: At fifth for Texas’ favorite board game is mancala, with an average of 6,065 monthly searches.

A spokesperson for World of Card Games commented on the findings:

“Chess is a cultural touchstone, with terms such as checkmate being a staple of the English language. It has been studied for centuries, and skill at the game is considered shorthand for a person’s intelligence. It has even seen a new wave of popularity in recent years as more people learn of its intricacies. It is fitting then that chess is Texas’s most popular board game,” the website’s spokesperson said.

“It will be interesting to see if chess continues to grow in popularity in the coming years and how that might impact how people play the game online and offline, both professionally and at the amateur level,” the website’s spokesperson said.