HOUSTON (KIAH) – The majority of the Texas power companies have submitted their weatherization plans for 2022, but there are still a few that have not.

As the winter season quickly approaches, there’s one major concern that still remains…. whether or not Texas is ready to handle a potential winter storm again.

That is why more than 800 power companies are required to submit a plan of action in case the state experiences another devastation. 

The deadline to submit the weatherization plan was December 1st of this year. About 850 power facilities needed to submit their weather readiness plan. Of those, 13 companies did not submit.

According to our news partners at ABC 13, between now and December 29th, the Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUC) and ERCOT will inspect more than 300 generating units and 21 transmission providers. This makes up 85 percent of the power lost during the storm.

Also, 100 percent of transmission operators have complied and only 97 percent of the generators. That remaining 3 percent makes up 8 power generation companies who failed to file reports by the deadline.

Those companies were issued a 20-day warning from ERCOT and PUC. There’s a $1 million per day fine if they don’t meet their specs on equipment. Natural gas companies are held to the same standard.

This is so important because if you recall earlier this year, the state had record low freezing temperatures, snow, icy roads, and power outages. leaving people in the cold with no running water.